At Prints On Glass, we help you create unique bathroom glass splashbacks that bring your ideas and designs to life. When it comes to choosing a feature splashback for your bathroom, no other material offers the same hygienic, functional and decorative features as glass.

The transparency and reflective nature of glass enhance natural lighting and will brighten up the space, making it look larger than it is and more vibrant. For bathrooms, we can manufacture bathroom sink glass splashbacks or splashbacks to suit other areas of your bathroom. We can use high-resolution images or produce coloured glass bathroom splashbacks that will match your unique bathroom design.

Bathroom glass splashbacks can be manufactured in a single, seamless piece, making them simple to clean and visually striking. They are the perfect, stylish and hygienic choice for any bathroom.

Glass offers great functional qualities:

  • It is heat resistant and will not warp from exposure to steam or heat.
  • It is highly durable and will outlast stone or tiles which deteriorate.
  • Glass is not porous and resists harbouring bacteria.
  • It is simple to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Choose from our bathroom glass splashback designs, or customise your own. Choose a photo, picture, image or design you love or browse an internet image library (Shutterstock, iStock, etc.) and let our designers help you create your own custom printed bathroom splashback that is unique to you and your style. Your artwork is printed onto the glass and sealed to guarantee and protect the image from heat, moisture, and bathroom bacteria.

Our work has been UV tested to ensure it stands the test of time under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Every piece is supplied with a three-year warranty so our clients can relax knowing they are getting a quality product that will last.

Bathroom Splashbacks are completed in 15 working days from artwork approval.
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