Stunning Examples of Timeless Photos Printed on Metal



Print your timeless photos onto metal and transform your image into a modern piece of décor that looks seamless on any wall. A metal print will give your home or business a contemporary edge and make it stand apart from a traditional print. Bring your images and artwork to life so you can cherish them for years to come. Metal wall prints are a compelling, impactful and durable choice. We print latex and mount it to metal or use photographic prints and mount them to metal.

Metal prints are becoming increasingly more popular because of the unique aesthetic they add in a room. Compared to a glass print, metal prints do not have a reflection which is preferable for some. They are also lightweight and durable, making them the perfect choice for particular settings like a courtyard or outdoor area. Some metal print manufacturing methods are suitable for outdoor installation and can be subjected to full UV and variable weather conditions.

Metal prints can liven up a workspace, bedroom, lounge room and even a reception area.  Need inspiration? Following are some stunning examples of timeless photos and artworks printed on metal.

A happy customer, pictured below, transformed a stunning photograph he took of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand into a unique artwork for his home. Outdoor photographs are always timeless and work beautifully when printed onto metal.


In the communal public workspace shown below, a majestic elk standing in leafy foliage lit by the sunset creates a perfect, timeless artwork for the space. While the image is interesting, it is not contentious or too personal for a public communal workspace. The contrast between the metal and brick is striking and impactful.


Similarly, in this loft seating space, an impressive artwork of a portrait of a woman contrasted against the brick wall, adds personality and a pop of colour to the room. A unique artwork like this is a great way to add warmth and a point of interest to an area and will remain timeless for years to come.


A well-placed metal print in a business space can be eye-catching and impacting. In the business space shown below, a photographed image of a neon light sign was printed onto metal and displayed. When it comes to choosing your unique image, the possibilities are endless and it pays to occasionally think outside the box! Customize your metal prints with a variety of unique framing and mounting options and create the perfect display.  


Seascapes and beachside photos are one of the most popular image choices for wall art prints. They are a timeless choice of image for customised metal prints and are the perfect way to bring a beachy style into an interior. The large aerial photo of a beach (shown below) is hung vertically in portrait orientation on the café wall, creating a unique perspective and transforming the photo into eye-catching artwork. The oversized metal print artwork is the focal point in the café.

Metal prints are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any space. There are no limits to the size of the image you want to print on metal. The largest aluminium sheet size that we print on is 2440 mm x 1220 mm, however, sheets can be hung alongside each other for larger images when needed.  


Produced on a 3mm aluminium composite panel, metal prints are lightweight and easy to clean. This makes them the perfect artwork choice for the bedroom, specifically over the bed. The classic image used on this metal print of a wooden walkway leading down to a deserted beach (see below) is timeless. It is calm and serene, perfect for a bedroom.  


Similarly, in the master bedroom shown below, a photo of a river, forest and mountains is the perfect image choice to bring a sense of peace and calm to the bedroom. Images of nature are timeless and often quite neutral so perfect to use in a guest bedroom.


Another timeless photo image is that of flowers. In any room, they bring a fresh pop of colour and are a more neutral choice of the image if you do not want to over-personalise a space. The sunset over a field of daisies works perfectly on this metal wall print in the guest bedroom below.


A stunning family photo is the quintessential timeless choice of artwork for a room. Capture your precious loved ones in a moment in time and then turn that photo into a print on metal.  This home lounge room is instantly personalised with a timeless family photo printed on metal.  A family portrait printed on to metal makes a perfect gift for grandparents or aunts and uncles. Similarly, a wedding portrait printed onto metal makes a perfect, romantic anniversary gift for your spouse.


Prints on metal can be displayed in both indoor and outdoor spaces when an over laminate is added to your metal print during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the metal prints is UV and weatherproof if you intend to display it outdoors. The non-descript outdoor shed pictured below is brought to life by the addition of an owl print on metal to the side wall facing the garden.  The print adds a pop of colour and interest to the garden area and is weatherproof so can handle the outside elements.


Why not consider printing your timeless image onto metal to display in your home, business or workspace? A metal print is modern and durable and can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. The options and sizes are limitless!

To transform your timeless image into a stunning piece of art, contact Prints on Glass today and our friendly staff can assist you. Call (02) 9415 0355 or email


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