Bathroom glass splashback ideas

5 bathroom glass splashback ideas that will completely transform your bathroom

Adding a custom glass splashback to your bathroom is a simple way to enhance the aesthetic of the space and elevate it from ordinary to eye-catching. A well-chosen digitally printed glass splashback is an easy way to give your space an inexpensive makeover and bring it to life!  Replace a neutral palette with a lift of colour using a digital photo printed on glass and add your personality to the bathroom.

Bathroom glass splashbacks are aptly named. They are an essential part of your bathroom preventing water splashes from the shower or basin from damaging an unprotected wall.  Glass is highly practical and the perfect choice of material for a bathroom splashback. No other material offers the same hygienic, functional and decorative features quite like glass does. It is easy to clean and sanitary. Unlike tiles or stone, it is doesn’t allow mould, mildew or soap scum to build up. It is durable and can often be installed in one single continuous piece. In addition to ticking the safety box, printed glass splashbacks are moisture-resistant, heat resistant, and stand up to the rigours of the bathroom. With the development of modern printing equipment, glass splashbacks can be manufactured by digital photo printing on glass, UV digital printing on glass and screen printing on glass.

Glass can also be easily personalised given all the design options available: endless colour choices, varying degrees of opacity and the choice of any image or design to name a few. With all of these incredible advantages, a custom-made glass bathroom splashback is a fantastic option and will elevate your bathroom from ordinary to spectacular.
If you’re considering a bathroom splashback made out of glass but are stuck for inspiration, following are some design ideas.

1). A pop of colour

In a smaller bathroom like the one below, a glass feature wall positioned behind the shower- bath combination works perfectly. The fresh, floral print is used over two glass panels and adds a cheerful pop of colour to the room. Not just aesthetically pleasing; the custom glass feature wall is also practical, functioning as a water-resistant protective wall. The fun, floral print is an effective way to add colour to an otherwise white, bland small bathroom and is an alternative to accessories and décor that could clutter the space. 

floral bathroom glass splashback design

2). A Neutral palette

A monochromatic glass feature wall print is the perfect choice if you would like to keep a more neutral interior palette. Black and white images are timeless and a great choice. In the bathroom below, the floor to ceiling forest print adds a level of sophistication and ethereal charm to the space and compliments the black and white bathroom fixtures. Practically, the glass feature wall also works as a protective splashback because it is both heat and water resistant. This allows it to stand up to the rigours of the bathroom and makes it suitable in both a shower area and next to a bath.    

Bathroom with printed forest glass splashback
Bathroom with printed forest glass splashback

In the bathroom shown below, a monochromatic custom printed glass feature wall is inserted into the wall recess. The black and white underwater image personalises the space and compliments the marbled tiles surrounding it.  Compared to tiles that attract soap scum and mould and mildew in the grouting, the single glass panel is seamless and easy to keep clean.

Shower with printed glass splashback panel

3). A seascape

Seascapes are a popular choice when it comes to picking an image to use for a splashback. Taking a shower in either of these bathrooms shown below will transport you to the beachside! Both of these custom glass feature walls are fitted in three panels along the back wall of the shower and make a big impact. Sizing of your custom glass splashback is only limited by access to the space you intend using it in. We can create a custom bathroom glass splashback or glass feature wall to any size through seamlessly running glass panels side by side, as seen in these bathrooms. If you love the idea of a seascape or beachside image for your custom bathroom glass splashback, check out our Prints On Glass image bank here. For large high resolution prints we also recommend taking a look at Michael Boniwell’s website or Sean Scott Photography Both have an incredible range of stunning images to choose from.

seascape themed bathroom glass splashbacks
seascape themed bathroom glass splashbacks
beach scene bathroom glass splashback

4). A touch of glamour

The custom glass chandelier printed splashback in this bathroom definitely delivers on glam! The dramatic black and white image works well on the feature glass wall and brings a very specific aesthetic to the bathroom. The glass feature wall is heat and water resistant so is not only splashproof and practical, it is also a focal design element that adds an element of sophistication to the bathroom.

Chandelier design on bathroom glass splashback

5). A personal image      

Including a glass splashback or feature wall in your bathroom is the perfect opportunity for you to customise the space. Use a personal photograph of something you love or an image of your favourite place; the possibilities are endless! In the bathroom below, an image of an iceberg and crystal clear water brings a cool look to the wet area of the bathroom.

When using personal images, it is important to ensure the resolution of your image is high enough to produce a high-quality end product. If you are unsure, our designers are able to check the resolution and quality of your image before proceeding.

Iceberg image on bathroom glass splashback

Prints on Glass offers a selection of popular high-resolution images to print either as wall art, feature walls or splashbacks. Peruse our most popular range here, or if you have something else in mind let us know and we can help select or design your image.

Feeling inspired? Give your bathroom an instant splash of style by customising your bathroom splashback design. Whether you go for a pop of colour, a neutral colour palette, a seascape, a touch of glamour or decide to use a personal image; adding a custom bathroom splashback is easily achieved and it won’t break the bank. It looks ultra-impressive and is a quick and easy way to update or renovate the design of your bathroom.

If you’re still wondering what your bathroom could look like with a colour printing on glass splashback, why not get a free mockup of your bathroom prints on glass splashback? Simply complete the enquiry form here and provide some images of the space and your plans. We will send you back a digital mockup of your selected artwork installed in your kitchen, free of charge.


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