Laminated graphics for sliding doors

Laminated graphics for sliding doors


We were approached by our client who had seen images on our website similar to what she what after. She actually wanted something that could be used as a bathroom sliding door with a visible print from both sides of the door.


Close up picture of a lock and handle on a glass sliding door

Our solution was to print a colour image on a material that is then laminated between 2 pieces of 6mm toughened low iron glass. When printing on an interlayer the print is almost equally visible from both sides. These sliding doors were to be installed in a bathroom so we chose to print on a white translucent material which acts as a blockout so the person in the bathroom cannot be seen at all.

Laminated glass sliding privacy door with palm imagery

We measured the site and sourced the hardware including a door pull and sliding function. After a few changes to get the perfect colours of the artwork, we printed samples including supplying finished A4 sized laminated samples. The client could not have been happier with the end result. They were perfect and one of our more visually appealing jobs we have done to date.

Glass sliding laminated privacy door with palm imagery printed digitally




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