Metal prints featuring art by Maddison Gibbs brightens up Sydney’s Stanmore Train Station

Metal prints featuring art by Maddison Gibbs brightens up Sydney’s heritage-listed Stanmore Train Station

Sydney’s Stanmore Train Stations is one of Sydney’s oldest train stations, with the current station and platforms originally built in 1885.

The station has recently had a $19 million dollar upgrade, delivered as part of the Transport Access Program for Transport NSW.  The program is designed to help provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering more accessible, modern transport infrastructure across the state of NSW.

As a heritage-listed train station, Stanmore Station has previously had its challenges with a lack of accessibility to platforms.  This has been rectified as part of this station upgrade with the installation of new lifts.

The installation of the new lifts became an opportunity for Transport NSW to both showcase the new lifts and pay respects to Aboriginal Culture, which was achieved through the commission of artwork by renowned Aboriginal artist Maddisson Gibbs.  The artwork is showcased below:



The challenge when showcasing this artwork in such a public area was to ensure the vibrancy and integrity of the artwork were maintained, as well as protecting it from damage and vandalism.

To achieve this, we printed the artwork on 3mm solid aluminium, which was then coated with anti-graffiti paint.  This was to ensure that graffiti could not damage the original artwork.

Then came the installation. Each metal sheet was installed using anti-tamper fittings that make it impossible for thieves to remove any of the artwork once it is place.


This artwork is a wonderful addition to the Stanmore Train Station and aims to represent the tracks that lie underneath today’s roads and railways. We are very grateful for the opportunity to showcase this wonderful piece of art and hope it will be appreciated for many years to come.



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