Building The Coal Loader glass feature walls

Building The Coal Loader glass feature walls


The last stage of the redevelopment of the Waverton Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability will see the creation of one of Sydney’s largest publicly accessible green roof spaces on the old coal-loading platform. It will be a multi-purpose recreational space with spectacular views of the harbour and includes community urban plots irrigated by recycled stormwater, extensive seating and viewing areas.

coal loader

Prints on Glass were approached to design, build and install the 3 large, 2m x 4m interpretive glass feature walls which were installed around one of the coal loading chutes to display the history and operation of the coal loading facility.

20mm thick, ultra-clear low iron toughened glass panels with the pictorial history of the historic facility displayed on them were installed in a galvanized steel framework to support the 350Kg glass panels.

The glass panels have been printed with a 2% translucent background to allow the viewer to read and see the images whilst still being able to look at the surrounding areas through each panel.

Coal Loader Glass feature historical display in progress

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