10 Eye Catching Splashbacks To Customise Your Space

10 Eye catching prints on glass splashbacks to customise your space


A kitchen, bathroom or laundry can be elevated from ordinary to spectacular with a well-chosen splashback. Adding a digital print on glass splashback is an easy way to give your space an inexpensive make over and bring it to life! Replace a neutral palette with a lift of colour using a digital photo printed on glass splashback and add your personality to the space.


Kitchen splashbacks are aptly named. They are an essential part of your kitchen and prevent oil, cooking residue, condensation and washing up splashes ending up on your kitchen walls.


Glass is highly practical and the perfect choice of material for digitally printed kitchen splashbacks. Unlike tiles or stone, it is impervious to cooking residue and is durable, easy to clean and maintain and can often be installed in one single continuous piece. In addition to ticking the safety box, printed glass splashbacks are moisture resistant, heat resistant, and stand up to the rigours of the kitchen. With the development of modern printing equipment, glass splashbacks can be manufactured by digital photo printing on glass, UV digital printing on glass and screen printing on glass.


GET A FREE MOCKUP OF YOUR KITCHEN, LAUNDRY OR BATHROOM PRINTS ON GLASS SPLASHBACK. Wonder what your kitchen, laundry or bathroom could look like with a colour printing on glass splashback? Simply complete the enquiry form here and provide some images of the space and your plans. We will send you back a digital mock-up of your selected artwork installed in your kitchen, free of charge. Contact Us

  1. Why play safe with a plain colour glass splashback. Be a little more adventurous and introduce colour and personality. We encourage you to put your personal mark on the important heart of your home and there is no better way than with unique design, pattern or picture printed glass splashback.

    Kitchen featuring a red patterned custom glass splashback.
  2. Toughened safety glass is the perfect choice of material for use in splashbacks that are in close proximity to gas powered cooktops. The Australian Standards suggest,https://hia.com.au/regional-news/wa/clearance-requirements-rn2 “The proximity of the nearest burner to a combustible surface will define whether heat protection is required. A combustible material will require thermal protection for distances less than 200mm. If the distance measured from the periphery of the nearest burner to any vertical combustible surface is greater than 200mm, then the combustible surface needs to be protected. Toughened safety glass of 5mm thickness or greater is the prefect approved material for protection.”

    Seascape digitally printed glass kitchen pictorial splashback.
  3. Glass splashbacks are a great alternative to tiles in the bathroom. No grout makes for easy cleaning and less joins mean less chance of water damage. When deciding on a colour scheme for your bathroom splashback, it’s important to know that different colours take on their own persona, depending on how much light is available and whether or not that light is natural or artificial. The smooth, reflective nature of glass can make a small bathroom feel and look much bigger.

    Colourful glass printed splashback behind bathroom sink.
    Black and white custom printed shower glass splashback set above white tiles.
  4. The laundry is getting upgraded in many homeowners’ minds from an outpost in the garage to a cleaning and organisational centre inside the home. Laundry splashbacks are a perfect laundry application because they can be installed over almost any existing surface and are moisture proof. They also add colour or interest to the room and are easy to clean.

    Kitchen glass splashback of a black and white map of Sydney
  5. A creative way to add personality to your space is to use an original artwork. This client had an artwork commissioned by a professional artist, adding a unique, personal touch to the heart of their home, the kitchen. The artist can create the artwork using the dimensions of the splashback or our designer can take an art piece provided by a customer and work to adjust it to fit the dimensions.

    Kitchen with a custom printed blue and green glass splashback.
  6. A lot of clients chose tiled patterns from online stock image galleries such as www.shutterstock.com or www.istock.com . With a little retouching and image manipulation we can make the design fit the space.

    Kitchen glass splashback with coloured geometric shapes.
  7. If you intend to have a photograph for your splashback, think about whether or not you want a photo taken specifically for your design or if you can use a generic image.  We can connect you with a number of amazing photographers who can provide high resolution panoramic images such as sea scapes, rainforests, oceans, landscapes, city and architectural photographs. All of which have online galleries you can search for the image you have in mind or get ideas and inspiration.

    Kitchen with a seascape custom glass kitchen splashback.
  8. Having natural stone reproduced on glass is an inexpensive way to create the same effect. These images can be sourced from online image galleries or high-resolution photos taken of your chosen surface or texture.

    Kitchen with custom glass splashback with marble print.
  9. Image resolution is the quality deal breaker! High resolution images and graphics cannot be underestimated - it’s the difference between ordinary and high quality.

    Kitchen with custom glass splashback of a forest, road and sunrays.
    Kitchen glass splashback with black and white glass imagery.
  10. A printed splashback is always going to be a major feature to any room, therefore deciding on whether you want something bold and heavy or something more soft and organic, is important.


A how-to guide for creating your own splashback


If you’re currently renovating, building or giving your kitchen, laundry or bathroom a facelift, following are some simple steps for how to customise your space with a glass printed splashback.

  • Consider the space and what it is you want to add in terms of aesthetic and design. Do you want a pop of colour, a calming image, a sentimental image, a seascape, landscape or a patterned print design for example? Internet libraries like Shutterstock and iStock have an extensive variety of images to browse if you don’t have any. If you are still unsure, we are happy to guide you with this stage of design.
  • Measure the space where you would like the splashback, taking note of power point outlets, if any and take photos of the area.
  • Contact us by phone (02) 9415 0355 or email info@theprintfacility.com to discuss your specific requirements so that we can customise your splashback accordingly and provide a preliminary quote. At this stage we will need your measurements and any cut outs needed for power point outlets and the photos that you have taken of the space.
  • Email your chosen image to us at info@theprintfacility.com so that our designer can check the resolution and quality to ensure the best results.
  • Once you decide to proceed, we will take a deposit and arrange a home visit to do a check measure and draw up a sketch of the splashback dimensions. A revised quote will be sent to you if the final measurements vary from the initial one.
  • We will set up your artwork and send you a proof for approval.
  • Once your artwork is approved, your custom splashback will go into production. Allow 3 weeks for this.
  • We will contact you when your splashback is ready and arrange an installation date.


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