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Got an empty, bland wall that could use a spruce up? Adding a panoramic acrylic wall art print to your home or business is a great way to incorporate your sense of personal style in your home or your business's aesthetic into the workspace. A panoramic print can be a focal point in an otherwise characterless room, adding colour, texture and interest.

While standard sizing ranges from as small as 600 mm x 400 mm to a larger 1500 mm x 500 mm, panoramic acrylic wall art prints can also be custom made to a maximum size of 2440 mm x 1220 mm.  Stuck with what image to use for your print? Following are 7 talented photographers who have extensive galleries of panoramic photos you can choose from.




Landscape print of Boomerang Beach by Raw Edge Photography.
Sunset photo print of Boomerang Beach NSW






Kian Bates of Raw Edge Photography has a passion for the ocean, and it shows in his work! Based in Boomerang Beach, NSW, inspiration is right on his doorstep. If you're looking for a panoramic oceanscape, ocean art, images of ocean wildlife or anything 'ocean', then visit his online shop at www.rawedgephotography.com.au

A panoramic oceanscape print works well-positioned over a bed in a bedroom, as seen in the image above left. A large scale sunset seascape panoramic brings warmth into the lounge room as seen in the above right image. Scaled to fit the large open wall, this panoramic is a feature point in the room.




Acrylic photo print of Brett Patmans Tin City
A place to call home by Brett Patman on acrylic wall print.


The panoramic prints seen in the above two images are both part of Brett Patman's "Lost Collective". The project is a 'visual and written record of the forgotten and neglected built environments that pervade society'.  It is Patman's belief that as societies change and abandoned buildings come and go, it is important to remember and record our heritage amongst the ever-increasing rush to replace the old with the new.

Two examples of his work are shown above. The "Aerials | Tin City" (seen in the image top left) works beautifully in this office board room. The panoramic print used in the home (see in image top right) is from Patman's "A place to call home" gallery.


Blue mountain photo on Acrylic wall print by Michael Boniwell
Snowy river sunset on acrylic print by Michael Boniwell.




Michael Boniwell is a local photographer based in Bendigo, Victoria. Scroll through his gallery of breathtaking Australian landscapes at www.chockstonephotos.com, and his love of the outdoors in all its beauty and adventure is obvious. In his words: "For me, the joy of photography is all about getting that "one great shot". Sometimes that can mean travelling long distances, hiking, snowshoeing or even roped climbing over difficult terrain, long periods of waiting for the right light or returning to the same location again and again over many years. At other times it can mean nothing more than a chance encounter. A moment in time, where I stumble, unknowingly upon a scene that captures my breath, and causes me to rush for my camera with increasing excitement before the light or subject moves on, and the sight is lost forever".

"Govetts Leap Awakens" (shown in the above-left image) is a perfect example of what Boniwell calls "chasing the light". In this stunning panoramic taken from the iconic Blue Mountains lookout, Boniwell captures the fleeting morning light as it shines across the grand Grose Valley. This gorgeous glass panoramic print brings the majestic blue mountains into this lounge room in such an effortless way!

Boniwell's panoramic "Snowy River Sunset" (shown in the above right image) beautifully captures the surging, icy, snowy river in Mt Kosciuszko, NSW. Most of Boniwell's more recent work has been in this panoramic format. His large panoramic photos are still crystal clear and retain the finer details, even when printed to enormous proportions. Most of his processing is traditional rather than fictional because he chooses to stay as true to the scene as possible.

To order images from Michael, email michael.boniwell@gmail.com He charges a photographer's fee of $100 AUD per image, regardless of the print size.


Mountain photo by Matt Kemp Photography

Matt Kemp is an award-winning and internationally recognised photographer with over two decades of photographic experience, currently based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. His portfolios include everything from wedding photography, family, and lifestyle to architectural and interiors.

A panoramic acrylic photo print can work well in a bedroom, centered over the bed, as seen in the above image. This Matt Kemp panoramic of majestic mountains next to serene water brings a sense of calming nature into the room.

For more of Matt Kemp's work, visit https://mattkemp.com/ or email: matt@mattkemp.com


Snowy river panoramic print by Robbie Duncan

Robbie Duncan of "No Bad Days Photography" was born and bred in the Snowy Mountains of NSW. His rare talent for capturing the complicated and grandiose nature of landscapes is seen in this large-scale snowy mountain panoramic print. The majestic mountain and scale of the print are quite the statement piece in this business setting!  The image works well with the office colour scheme and softens the aesthetic of the space.

Duncan's style is often mystical, elevating the imagery with powerful and emotive artistic qualities. Visit his website www.nobaddaysphotography.com to look through a selection of images available to purchase and email him at no.bad.days.photo@gmail.com


Aerial photo of Shark Bay WA
Panoramic aerial photo of Shark Bay WA

Christian Fletcher is a well-established and respected Australian photographer that has perfected the art of light, composition, colour and post-processing in his work. He believes that all great landscape images have to have the 'perfect light' at their core, and it is this light that he is most respected for. His intentional retouching of his images takes them from just a landscape photograph to a work of art. 

The above two panoramic artworks are aerial photographs taken of Shark Bay, North-Western Australia. Both are great examples of bright, light coloured landscapes becoming artworks, perfect for a larger scale workspace and a smaller spaced home lounge room. Sizing starts from 100 mm x 30 mm right up to 1000 mm x 3000 mm.

His images are on display at his bespoke art gallery in Dunsborough, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia or online at www.christianfletcher.com.au. Email gallery@christianfletcher.com.au


beach aerial shot by Jason Edwards


Melbourne based; National Geographic's Jason Edwards has more than three decades of award-winning photography under his belt. His photography portfolio is one of National Geographic's largest. Jason's passion for wildlife and the environment is evident in his work, and he is recognised globally for his significant contributions to Science, the Environment, and the Arts. Some of his award-winning photography can be seen here: https://www.jasonedwards.co/  

One of his works is shown in the image above. The stunning aerial of the beach compliments and enhances the aesthetic of this modern, white kitchen. An acrylic photo print is the perfect addition to any kitchen because the acrylic medium protects the print from heat, steam and damp compared to a canvas print which could potentially get damaged in a kitchen environment.


Ordering your custom panoramic acrylic photo print is easy! Once you've chosen an image you love, you can submit your order at www.printsonglass.com.au. One of their helpful team will be in contact shortly after that and will assist you through the process.  Orders take approximately 15 days from artwork approval, so it won't be long before your stunning panoramic acrylic photo print is able to be hung and enjoyed!


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