Create your own kitchen glass splashback

How to create your own kitchen glass splashback


A comprehensive step-by-step guide to designing, printing, and installing a custom kitchen glass splashback for your home.

A custom kitchen glass splashback is a unique way to add a personal touch to your home. Glass is an exceptional choice of material for a splashback as it offers unique hygienic, functional and decorative features. It is heat resistant, easy to clean and sanitary, durable and cost-effective compared to traditional splashback surfaces such as tiles or stone. Glass can also be easily personalised given all the design choices available: endless colour choices, varying degrees of opacity and the choice of any image or design to name a few. With all of these incredible advantages, a custom-made kitchen glass splashback is the natural choice that will elevate your new kitchen from ordinary to spectacular. 

When it comes to designing and installing your own unique kitchen glass splashback, it shouldn’t be an overwhelming process. The friendly team at Prints On Glass are here to help you each step of the way. Following is a ‘how-to’ when it comes to designing and installing your kitchen glass splashback.

Step 1: A preliminary quote

To gauge what the cost for designing, printing and installing a kitchen glass splashback will be, we are happy to provide a preliminary quote. For this, we would need the following from you: 

  • basic measurements of the area where you would like the splashback
  • photos of the area (this gives us an idea of how complex the design and installation would be)
  • the number of power points on the wall where the splashback will be as the glass will need to be cut precisely to accommodate these
  • your location for installation and delivery costs.


Step 2: Choosing your image or design

Designed to protect your walls while you cook, your kitchen glass splashback certainly has an important role to play. However, it can also be an impressive design feature too! Modern kitchen glass splashbacks are fast becoming focal points of kitchen design as homeowners seek to make creative use of this essential kitchen feature.

Often the biggest challenge is deciding what image or design to use. Consider the general design aesthetic of your home and how your splashback will tie in with this. Do you want a colourful, vibrant look or a calm, soothing space? Maybe a modern, monochromatic palette or a fun, patterned design? A mirrored splashback that reflects natural light is an excellent choice if you would like to make your kitchen space look bigger. You may even want to incorporate a unique piece of artwork or an image of your favourite holiday spot? A seascape or mountain view? The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing your digital image for your stunning, unique printed kitchen glass splashback.

Looking at your kitchen glass splashback, we bet you’re now buzzing with ideas as to how
you can make it both a functional and design feature. It’s not an expensive transformation,
but it’s one that will mightily impress your guests!
Below are some examples of custom made kitchen glass splashbacks we have printed for
our customers. An example of incorporating a commissioned piece of artwork into the
splashback design is shown top left. A close-up image of grass blowing in the breeze
provides a calming, monochromatic feel that ties in with the modern aesthetic of the
kitchen (top right). An example of a kitchen glass splashback where the customer chose a
personal, sentimental image of their favourite vacation spot is shown bottom left. Having
natural stone reproduced on glass is an inexpensive way to create the same effect (bottom
Bluethumbs artwork on kitchen glass splashback
grass blowing in breeze kitchen glass splashback
beach photo printed on kitchen glass splashback
 natural stone image printed on kitchen glass splashback


If you are unsure, our designers are here to help guide you through the process and bring your ideas to life. You may already have an image or design in mind. If not, browse an internet image library like Shutterstock, iStock, Dreamstock or Bigstock, and choose a picture or design.  We also work closely with various photographers whose images are available to purchase.


Step 3: If necessary, we can provide a mock-up of your kitchen splashback

Using your chosen image, the measurement specifications you have provided and a photo of your kitchen, our designer can create a mock-up of your kitchen glass splashback for you to be able to visualise better how it will look. 

Step 4: Deposit and check measure 

Once you have decided to go ahead with the production of your kitchen glass splashback, we take a 50% deposit before arranging for a check measure of your kitchen. If you are out of the areas where we can provide someone to do the check measure, we can guide you through how to do it yourself correctly. The image below is an example of a sketch done during a check measure.

check measure sketch for kitchen glass splashback

Once we receive the finalised specifications and measurements, we will adjust the preliminary quote if necessary. An invoice for this will be sent to you, and the production of your splashback will proceed once full payment is received, and artwork is finalised.

Step 5: Sign off on the artwork 

Our designer will email you a proof of your splashback design and make any changes if needed or requested by you. Once you have signed off on the artwork and full payment has been received, we proceed with the printing and production of your kitchen glass splashback. The expected time this will take is approximately 3 weeks. 

Image below: an example of an artwork proof with red lines indicating the border of the image that will be used for the splashback and where the power point cut-outs will be.


Artwork proof example for kitchen glass splashback

Step 6: Installation 

We will contact you once your splashback is ready and plan for it to be delivered and installed at a time that suits you. When your custom glass kitchen splashback is produced, your artwork is printed onto the glass and sealed to protect the image from heat, moisture, and kitchen bacteria. However, it is only fully water and moisture protected once installed and sealed with silicone. Because of this, it is preferable to deliver and install the glass splashback on a dry weather day. Custom kitchen glass splashbacks are often produced on a large, continuous piece of glass, so a second set of hands is always helpful when carrying and installing the splashback. If possible, please try to be present for the installation. All arrangements specific to the delivery and installation of your custom kitchen splashback will be discussed with you by one of our friendly customer service staff. 

Image below: a splashback in the process of being installed.

example of splashback being installed.

Splashback care

Given that the function of a splashback is to prevent oil, cooking residue, condensation and washing up splashes from ending up on your kitchen walls, glass is the perfect, most hygienic choice!  Unlike tiles or stone, it is impervious to cooking residue. It is exceptionally durable, easy to clean, easy to maintain and can often be installed in one single continuous piece. Care of your custom glass kitchen splashback is simple! Wipe it clean with a dry, soft cloth or kitchen towel, just as you would do with any glass.

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