Transform Your Outdoor Space with Laminated Glass Insert Prints

Using artwork printed on glass as architectural features has become a modern alternative to traditional wall displays. Their versatility, durability and aesthetic appeal make art more publicly accessible and add significant value to public, residential, and commercial spaces.

How are Laminated Glass Prints made?

The design, whether a piece of artwork or corporate branding, is printed on film that can be either transparent, translucent or provide a complete block out, depending on your requirements.   The translucent film allows light to path through the glass, achieving high colour vibrancy and saturation, creating more visual impact.

The printed design is then laminated between two sheets of toughened, heat-soaked glass, which is exceptionally durable and suitable for outdoor applications.  This glass complies with Australian Standard AS1288, making it suitable and approved for building installation.

The Benefits of Laminated Glass Print Inserts

Laminated graphic inserts are highly customisable in their design and application. They can be printed on flat glass panels or curved to suit the architectural requirements of a building.

They can feature any image or pattern of your choice and be cut to any size, allowing for perfect integration into outdoor art installations or used as architectural features for new buildings. Prints on Glass recently completed a project with Sydney Metro at the Canterbury Train Station in Sydney featuring artwork by Barkindji artist Maddison Gibbs.

Laminated Glass Print Canterbury Train Station.

The durable nature of the glass allows artwork such as this to be accessible to the public without fear of degradation due to being outdoors. It can also be easily maintained and cleaned, requiring no additional maintenance from cleaning contractors.

Ideal Types of Artwork for Laminated Glass Inserts

With Laminated Glass Inserts, customers have the option of using the product both indoors and outdoors. The type of artwork that is commonly used includes:

Indigenous Art

Commonly used in outdoor art installations, indigenous art can add colour and interest to commercial or public spaces.  Art can also provide significant marketing value to commercial developments when promoted within local and social media.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding can be enhanced in an office environment using Laminated glass, creating glass walls that offer privacy and soundproofing without compromising the light flow.


Personal or professional photographs to be displayed outdoors and require protection from the elements are ideal for laminated glass prints. 

Stained Glass Replicas

Stained glass windows can be replicated using laminated glass to provide churches with a more cost-effective and durable solution.  This is particularly effective for stained glass windows that require replacement, as laminating the image between two hardened glass panels ensures the image is protected and maintains its vibrancy for many years.

Reasons to use Laminated Glass Print Inserts over Traditional Wall Displays

Laminated Glass Prints offer a unique aesthetic that traditional wall displays cannot replicate. The glass surface provides a glossy finish that adds depth to the print, creating a visually striking effect that immediately draws the eye.

Secondly, the durability of laminated glass print inserts is unparalleled. Traditional wall displays are susceptible to moisture, sunlight, and physical contact damage. In contrast, laminated glass print inserts resist these factors as the image is protected on both sides, making them long-lasting and highly durable.

Lastly, the versatility of laminated glass print inserts sets them apart. With the ability to customise the size, image, and finish, these inserts can be tailored to suit any decor style, personal taste or branding needs, making them a great choice for residential and commercial applications.


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