Gallup Office Foyer Signage

Gallup Office Foyer Signage


We were approached by our client to manufacture a number of Pin Mounted 10mm thick glass panels for their office foyer with images of the founding members and company mission statements.

A close up photo of wall mounted 3D laser cut stainless steel lettering.

Liaising between their office manager, our graphic designer and their head office in the United States to follow specific style guides we manufactured 10 amazing glass printed panels, also incorporating 3D vinyl lettering into the project.

A large pin mounted glass print of Dan Clifton alongside four more frosted glass panels with descriptive text.

Our client was extremely pleased with the result, it was exactly what they had hoped to achieve and drew praise from their head office overseas.

Wall mounted 3D laser cut stainless steel leterring adjacent to 5 large pin mounted glass printed panels.

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